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One-Line Bio

Aline is Creative Director and writes this blog with the Bluefrog creative team.


Aline's father once picked up a book with the title '15,000' french verbs. He decided he knew at least 15,001 himself. So he started a collection. Thousands and thousands of french verbs on tiny pieces of paper. He kept them in a box. He said "Lots of people have jobs they aren't interested in. If you're very lucky, you'll have one that interests you." Tiny pieces of paper kept in boxes have been replaced by blogs.

Aline's first task at Bluefrog was to build her own desk. From a flatpack. With a drill. Thankfully, they soon worked out that she was more useful in front of a computer. And after a few years, in front of clients.

There isn't a dull moment at Bluefrog. There's always more to learn about how we can motivate people to support the amazing charities, arts organisations and academic institutions we work with.

Bluefrog creative is the younger sister of Mark Phillips' blog, Queer Ideas. We stick to the stuff we know which is loosely linked to creative.


Reading, cats, walks, pubs, football.